Students have attended our camps in North Carolina from throughout the U.S., and we've also had campers from Canada and Thailand..

States Visited 
Maryland New Jersey Indiana
Tennessee New York Georgia
North Carolina Virginia Massachusetts
Oregon West Virginia Texas
California Iowa Michigan
Illinois Kansas South Carolina
Mississippi Florida Alabama
Arkansas Kentucky Ohio
Missouri Washington Wyoming
Arizona Alaska Montana
*Attendee states in green
Students from the following countries have also attended our camps.
Canada Thailand  

Students have attended our online science classes from every state in the U.S, and Germany, Australia, Mexico, Peru, England, Canada, and El Salvador.

Notes From Parents and Students . . .

"As a biology tutor responsible for teaching college-prep students at a tutorial in Nashville, Tennessee, I had high expectations even before I arrived at Greg Landry’s anatomy and physiology camp in June of 2008."

"To say it exceeded my greatest hopes and imaginings as a teacher is an understatement. For several years, I had been searching for an experience which would drive home all the academic concepts I had been trying to communicate to my students over the course of the school year, especially in the areas of biology/medicine. Finding a cadaver component for high school students was definitely a pipe-dream until Greg came on the scene!"

"After being in Greg’s lab for two days, the cadaver experience paled in comparison to what was being offered to the students at an academic and personal level. These students were being given a unique opportunity to experience first-hand the rigors of a college-level science course with someone who truly cared and was interested in preparing them for the future. Greg’s teaching style was firm yet inspirational, and, over the course of a week, I saw many lives stirred and motivated through the objectives Greg had designed for this camp."

"It is because of my interaction with Greg that I am now an enthusiastic supporter both as a teacher and home schooling parent for the week-long and weekend camps."

"Greg is a trustworthy and gifted teacher, and I believe wholeheartedly that Greg’s passion and enthusiasm for this subject matter will inspire and motivate a generation of students to make an impact for Christ in the fields of science and medicine for ‘such a time as this’."
Jodi Quint
Nashville, TN

"Greg Landry has been an answer to prayer for our family. As a home schooling mom of three, I realized that I didn't have the knowledge or time to teach my oldest son the high school level science classes he needed for college. Mr. Landry's classes filled this void and more!"

"Before taking Biology, my son didn't know how to study - a major concern of mine. In a very short time I noticed that he was developing a self-discipline and a love of learning that I had not seen before. Because of Greg Landry's standard of excellence and Christian values, I believe that my son will be well prepared for college."
Karen Perry
Newland, NC

"Wow! c-sections, lungs, fetal calves, cadavers, bull testicles, peeing in a cup, eating ice cream for breakfast, brains, hearts, tracheas, blood typing, hematocrit, buffy coats, glucose tolerance tests, lung functions tests, learning the ins and outs of getting through college and into med school, and lots of new friends who love anatomy and physiology! What else could a girl ask for? I have more focus and determination to get into med school now than ever before. I could have stayed for a month."
June 2008 Camp Attendee

Greg, feel free to put this on your web site. Parents need to read it. Parents, If your child is thinking about a medical profession, they need to attend this camp. Greg does a beautiful job of igniting a fire in the kids who are leaning toward a medical or other science field and helping them to understand exactly what they need to do and what their options are. ______________ loved his approach to teaching. She called me every night excited to tell me about what they did that day. She said she wants him to teach all of her high school science classes. Greg, thank you!
Mom of June 2008 Camp Attendee

". . . besides being an engaging teacher, he also had a great sense of humor."
June 2008 Camp Attendee

"My children have taken science classes from Greg Landry for the past 4 years. Greg is a gifted teacher with a unique ability to challenge his students while also increasing their confidence."

"He is rigorous in the classic sense, he values writing skills, cultivates time management and organizational habits, and helps each student develop and adhere to long range plans. While his students are learning these life skills, they are also becoming scientists."

"I expect that the teaching in Greg's upper level science classes is on par with university level courses. His students thrive in this environment and learn the value of hard work. As a homeschooler who struggled with biology and chemistry as a student, Greg's classes provide my children with an opportunity to learn about these subjects from an enthusiastic and well informed teacher."

Cinda Payne-Smith
Boone, NC

"Greg Landry is a valuable member of our homeschool community. He has the initiative and organizational skills to get things done and do them well. A partial list of homeschool activities he initiated includes homeschool olympics, baseball, swimming, and family fun nights. He also oversees the HCCHS (High Country Christian Home Schoolers) web site and email list as a member of the HCCHS board."

"In the past several years Greg has taught a variety of courses that are popular with our families. The courses are well-organized and set high expectations for students. Overall, Greg's leadership has created opportunities for families in our group that otherwise would not be available."

James Wilkes, Ph.D.
Professor and Chair, Computer Science Department
Appalachian State University
Boone, NC

"The best recommendation I could give for Greg Landry as a teacher would be to refer to his work as a Christian husband and father. He and his wife, Nancy, manage an orderly, hospitable home, and the fruit of their labors is evident in the lives of their two daughters, both steadily growing to be Godly young women as well as capable and conscientious students."

"A Christan husband and father well educated in the sciences, he truly cares about his students and the learning task. He not only challenges his students academically, he also encourages them to pursue all knowledge to the glory of God. His science classes have been a God-sent gift to our family!"

Renee Fuller
Boone, NC

"Greg, I can't tell you how much __________ enjoyed your camp. They just can't say enough about it! They definitely desire to return to another or more camps. If we participate in the fall, it would probably have to be a weekend as __________ will be taking community college classes....unless they allow for excused absences. Just please keep us informed on what your thoughts and plans are."

"Again, the week was such a blessing and answer to prayer. And from our conversations with _________, they experienced and learned so many things .....about academics, rules, freedoms, honesty, friendship...just to name a few. Thank you for providing such an atmosphere for them to experience and learn and grow. Good luck with the rest of this week at camp! I hope you are getting some rest! that possible on campus with all that youthful energy?????"
Mom of June 2008 Camp Attendee

"My daughter took an Animal Science class with Greg Landry. It was a very comprehensive class, much material was covered. She had the opportunity to do several projects, learn time management strategies, and he made it fun with frequent field trips to correspond with the animals they were studying."
Drew Yount
West Jefferson, NC

"We have appreciated Greg's initiative in the homeschool activities he has undertaken to organize and lead. We have particularly noted his patience and enthusiasm as we have observed him interacting with our children, and his diligent efforts in accomplishing his goals."
John and Molly Barry
Sugar Grove, NC

"Science is not my strength as a homeschool mom...something that I was never excited when I was in school. I have been so thankful for my son and daughter to have had the opportunity to study science with Greg Landry. He is excited and knowledgeable about what he teaches and expands learning beyond just the textbook."

"My children have been on fun and relevant field trips and taken part in awesome experiments and other hands-on activities...and all from a godly teacher and father who helps them understand the wonder of God's creation in every aspect of what they are learning. My children have been blessed by being in his classes."

Merrill and Beth Littlejohn
Blowing Rock, NC

"Greg Landry taught my son Anatomy and Physiology. He is an excellent teacher. He sees his students as individuals. He sets a standard and calls them out to that place. I think this is very important for young adults. He knows his subject and never limits himself to a textbook. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Greg for any class he offered."
Dr and Mrs Matt Brown
Boone, NC

"Hi Greg, I meant to write you before now........ We just wanted to let you know how much ___ enjoyed camp!! She is still telling us stories and sharing her new knowledge of anatomy. She has shared pictures via email with the new friends she made there and was thrilled to be among students who shared similar interests. We couldn't have asked for a better experience for her! And the ride with _______ worked out wonderfully!"

"We thank you for all of that but most of all for giving us the reassurance of her being in a safe, Christian environment. We will let everyone here know about your program so you can be expecting a few more __________ students in the future! Thanks again and many blessings."

Mom of June 2008 Camp Attendee

"Greg Landry is an outstanding instructor. He has worked with my daughter for the last year and a half. He taught her Physical Science last year and this year, Biology. Even though my daughter is one of the youngest in the class, he has patiently worked along side of her. He challenges her to develop good study habits, participate in class, and reach her potential." 

"Greg includes many fun activities in class as well. During the first year with Greg, my daughter was among the students categorized as "most improved" during the course of the year. I believe this is due to Greg's excellent instruction and consistent encouragement. I highly recommend Greg Landry as a Christ-centered Science Teacher."

"We love you Greg!"
Samantha Stephens
Uphill Ministries at Cherokee Cove
Mountain City, TN

"Greg, thank you so much for allowing our daughter _________ this opportunity to experience first hand what could hopefully be her career in the future. We both felt a genuine kindren and care from you for the kids. We appreciate the structure and guidance you offered. It allowed us to feel that our daughter was safe with you. Thanks again.
Dad and Mom of June 2008 Camp Attendee

"I've gone to a "pre-med" camp in Florida for two years. That was a lot of boring lectures with no depth. This was the real thing and never a dull moment . . ."
June 2008 Camp Attendee

"I loved this camp! We did lots of incredible anatomy and physiology, but I also liked listening to Mr. Landry talking to us about getting into med school and other professional schools, explaining the various medical professions and the education they required, and his Life 101 talk . . ."
June 2008 Camp Attendee

I just wanted to let you that my experience at camp was amazing! I learned so much and feel more than prepared for the anatomy class that I am taking next year as a junior. It was a great experience inside and outside the lab. Thanks for working with ______ and I and allowing us to participate in the swim night. I enjoyed seeing all the friends I had made outside the classroom!

I would definitely be interested in an advanced camp. I think that would be great. Thanks again for a great week at camp. Have a good summer!"

June 2008 Camp Attendee

". . . being around other serious students who like anatomy and physiology was awesome . . ."
June 2008 Camp Attendee